Three to Bookmark

September 24, 2014

Three favourite authors are set to release new books and I am taking note. Looking out at the first truly rainy day in some time, it seems like a perfect time to sink into a cozy chair and settle in with some of the great Fall releases hitting the shelves. Let us know what you’re looking forward to reading!

images-126   mambo-in-chinatown

I enjoyed this one ….                       so am looking forward to this one.

od_book_cover  us

I enjoyed this one ….                     so am looking forward to this one.

9781443422666  the-rosie-effect

I enjoyed this one ….                       so am looking forward to this one.

Movie tie-in Book Covers

March 16, 2011






It seems all the good books are destined to become movies someday. I still prefer to read the book first and often don’t see the movie version for fear it will ruin a good thing. Isn’t half the fun of reading “seeing” the character in your own mind through the writer’s vivid description? My casting and that of the movie people’s doesn’t always jive.  When it comes to book covers I’m just as stubborn – I rarely go for the movie-tie-in cover and would rather hunt high and low to find the original version. I’ve enjoyed conversations recently with some who share my anti-movie cover bent and others who embrace the “Now a Major Motion Picture!” version. Which do you prefer?

(Note: The One Day movie poster(above) has just been released and is much complimented. I imagine due to its popularity the movie-tie-in cover will be similar when it is revealed. We’ll have to wait and see!)

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