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January 17, 2013

Ideal Bookshelf 498 - Christmas

I love the artwork of Jane Mount and have shared it here previously. (Visit this blog entry to refresh your memory.) Now Ms. Mount has taken her beautiful bookshelf brushwork to a new venue: a book!

My Ideal Bookshelf by Jane Mount and Thessaly LaForce

This coffee table book offers the visual delight of Jane’s paintings of the personal shelves of 100 writers, musicians, designers and other “creatives” along with their equally colourful notes and thoughts collected by Thessaly La Force.

“The paintings are accompanied by first-person commentary drawn from interviews with editor Thessaly La Force, which touch on everything from the choice of books to becoming a writer to surprising sources of inspiration. This exquisite collection provides rare insight into the creative process and artistic development of today’s most intriguing writers, innovators, and visionaries.”

This is a wonderful collection –  interesting and beautiful while also satisfying a particular curiosity we have about the books one chooses to read, and their influence on our personal journeys.


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