Oh Canada!

October 3, 2011

Four wonderful Canadian writers have recently released new novels. Having savoured previous novels by each of the authors I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into these new stories. The Law of Dreams by Peter Behrens, The Birth House by Ami McKay, The Custodian of Paradise by Wayne Johnston and Mercy Among the Children by David Adams Richards are all evocative and memorable – each one capturing an element of the Canadian experience with beautifully crafted language and imagery. Harsh elements and themes of survival make all of these particularly well suited to long winter nights curled up in an armchair. Enjoy!



April Book Club Update

April 27, 2010


A few weeks ago I posted about making my selection for Book Club last month. Well, my choice was Colum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin and while I really enjoyed it, I was awaiting the response from my book club with a little angst.  The pressure of putting a book out there and then waiting for the group to approve or disapprove can be uncomfortable!  Well, the verdict is in and it was a unanimous “thumbs up”!  You can now feel confident enough to read it and share.

Our next choice is The Law of Dreams by Peter Behrens and it looks great. Here is the snippet (technical term I’m sure) from the back cover: “Driven from the only home he has known during Ireland’s Great Hunger of 1847, Fergus O’Brien makes the harrowing journey from county Clare to Canada, travelling with bold girls, pearl boys, navvies, and highwaymen. Full of vivid, unforgettable characters, The Law of Dreams is lyrical, emotional, and thoroughly extraordinary.”

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