Jane Eyre

March 22, 2011


Saw a sneak preview of Jane Eyre, the movie, this past weekend and while I will always treasure the book as one of my all time favourite classics, I must say I did enjoy the film. The theatre was packed on a sunny Spring morning and listening in to the conversations outside after it seems the reviews were unanimously positive. All the actors were impressive and of course Judi Dench as Mrs. Fairfax was perfection. The bold and witty repartee for which Jane is admired by her readers is duly captured in some great scenes. You will be caught up by the cinematography – I overheard a gentleman in the lobby post-movie exclaiming “I feel like I’ve been blown about the heath myself!”  I am pretty sure he thought that was a good thing. The countryside really is beautiful and plays a significant role.

Opening here in Canada on Friday, March 25th.  Hope you enjoy it too!


September 15, 2010

I just came across my horoscope for today on msn.com and felt compelled to share …
Cancer June 22- July 22

“When’s the last time you read a really good book, hmm? Why not email a few friends whose taste you trust and ask for a recommendation or two. Or, better yet, pick up one of the classics. They’re the classics for a reason, you know (because they’re really good!). Then make yourself a nice soymilk hot chocolate and spend the evening reading, reading, reading. You’ll be glad you did.”

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I might replace the soymilk with a cup of my favourite Lady Grey tea but sounds like a good plan otherwise!
My favourite classic would be Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Or maybe Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier. And I was reminded of my beloved Heidi by Johanna Spyri recently …  So if your horoscope advised reading a classic (and it has for all you other Cancers out there) what classic would you read? What, my “friends whom I trust”, would you recommend?

With apologies to those orderly folk who are expecting A for Anna to be followed by B for  Bookmark or something … I’m no Sue Grafton!

Instead, today, in honour of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk Romance!  

Did you know:  Romance novels and love stories hold the largest share of the consumer market and it is estimated that the genre generated more than $1.36 billion dollars in sales in 2009. Apparently sales of romance books increased significantly as economies went into recession – sweet escapism from one’s troubles perhaps?

My favourite Romance titles are the following:

 Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

 Once I get past the image of Carol Burnett wearing a curtain rod … Made my Book Club haul this tome on their various Spring Break travels last year!

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

Adored the book and have vivid memories of the mini-series starring Richard Chamberlain. Considering re-reading it now but afraid it won’t be as good the second time around.

 Love Story by Erich Segal

Have read this many times and sob harder every time. Will likely cry harder as Erich Segal has recently passed away.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

An old classic that is probably one of my favourite  reads in general – despite the fact that we picked it apart paragraph by paragraph for what felt like months in high school. Maybe it’s because of that! 

Hmmm – they’ve all been around for a while. I’m sure there are new love-ly classics … Nicholas Sparks anyone? Funny too that this list could also be titled My favourite Tearjerkers!

Your turn – post your favourite titles that make you weak in the knees with a pitter-patter heart. Or as in my case, make you blotchy and runny-nosed …

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