Marc Johns

November 2, 2020

It’s truly a sign That things will get better When a walrus named Frank Wears a crimson-striped sweater

I am not sure artist Marc Johns anticipated being a Covid-era charmer but, I must declare, discovering his whimsy and wit during this time has charmed me immensely. The illustrations are quirky and cute but the words are usually what seal (sorry) the deal for me. In investigating a little further into the source of these creations I was delighted to discover Marc and his family live nearby, on Vancouver Island. Not sure why this was so exciting to me as the world wide web makes us all essentially neighbours nowadays and I have no plans to set off stalking but I suppose it’s comforting to know these seals and gulls and people with banana ears are local inspiration.

It’s amazing we’re able to get through the day With no seagulls on bicycles, leading the way.
Going bananas.
The whisk wasn’t the tallest, but he had terrific hair.
Books were his favourite way to escape.
The bedside lamp, disgusted by the horrid selection of books that Mr. Denman insisted on reading lately, flew away in a huff.

If you fall for these little doses of cheer as soundly as I did then you can add them to your daily life by following Marc’s Instagram or Pinterest accounts, buying a calendar, poster, or other merchandise (merch as the cool kids say – I’m not cool enough to use the term but aspire enough to make mention) or buy one of his books. Visit Marc’s website here to learn more and may you all find a chuckle in his delightful work!

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