Charlie Mackesy

June 6, 2020


I’ve had such an urge to share a few recent discoveries with you. Never more insistently than when I came upon the gentle wonder of Charlie Mackesy and his Boy, Mole, Fox and Horse. This little crew will charm you with their poignant observations and kind support and encouragement of one another. The messages are sweet and thoughtful and oh, so precious. Charlie captivates and communicates with a sweep of ink and a splash of paint; seemingly simple arcs and wisps become the characters and his beautiful script, their wise words. Art and Lit!

I first encountered Charlie’s work within the wilds of Pinterest. As I joined the slightly more exotic Instagram world, there he was again. Lucky for all of us, he gathered those posts and pages into a charming book. While The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse was published in October 2019 and was a popular Christmas gift, it has become a particularly comforting touchstone of the COVID era. I encourage you to take a peek into Charlie’s world; you will savour the friendship and adventures and your heart will grow three times. The actual book itself is beautifully bound and makes a pretty little gift.

Do follow along with Charlie and add his book to your shelf, or to someone else’s special collection. You’ll treasure always.






3 Responses to “Charlie Mackesy”

  1. You gave it to me. My favourite book ever !! The only one I’ve read in 5 months. I love it !! πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  2. Marnie Says:

    Susan, so good to have you back!
    I have bought about 15 copies of this book to give to family and friends – a great teacher or grad gift with a wonderful message for all ages. It was # 1 on Barnes and Noble and a few other sites last year.πŸ’•

    • Susan Says:

      Hello, Marnie! Thank you so much for being here. I’m so happy that you love Charlie and his little gang too and are helping spread his work and message. It’s such fun to find such a treasure!

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