February 19, 2013

TBRs, WTRs, YTRs … To be Reads, Waiting to Reads, Yet to Reads … Whatever quirky little name you use to describe the list or pile of books you’re keen to read (KTRs?) … This is a version of my current list; each of these books has caught my eye in some way, perhaps well reviewed or just plain intriguing.

I’ve read and enjoyed Ann Leary’s previous books and delight in her humour. She’s married to Denis Leary and I can only imagine how funny that household is on a regular basis.

The Dinner has been a raging success in Europe and has only recently arrived here. The entire story unfolds at the table during a tense conversation.

I adore the wit of Dorothy Parker (mental note: she’s worth an entire post to herself!) and Farewell Dorothy Parker sounds like a light and fun  tribute to her.

And so forth. Have you already read some of these? What did you think? What TBRs have captured your attention lately?

As usual, click on the book cover to be taken to a descriptive link.

cdn-final-cover on-looking-jacket-lores 13571784 13526165 13623921 Truth-in-Advertising cursive-alex-wyndham-baker-hardcover-cover-art the-typewriter-girl-w352 15793186 images-153 0670026603 The Dinner by Herman Koch

2 Responses to “TBRs”

  1. William Kuhn Says:

    Well, I hope you enjoy Mr Kuhn’s MRS QUEEN TAKES THE TRAIN. He came to Windsor and did a lot of research on one of my ancestors, Queen Victoria. Elizabeth, Regina (Mrs)

    • Susan Says:

      I am very much looking forward to reading Mrs. Queen Takes the Train. Mr. Kuhn clearly has a lovely sense of humour in addition to being a diligent researcher. Thank you for visiting us here at Bedside Table Books. SM

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