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May 31, 2012

A book with buzz this year has certainly been the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. I’d been interested in it, even gifting it, but had yet to prioritize reading it myself until a friend with excellent taste emphatically encouraged me to get to it. (Thanks Pam!) I tackled the tome (it is dauntingly lengthy) and became utterly absorbed over this past week. Chatting with others who’ve also been captivated, it was agreed that it is an obligatory read for our generation. Highly recommended.

You’ll mostly be intrigued by Steve Jobs, the man, I am certain, but you may also come away considering creativity in a new way. There has been a trend in new non-fiction relating to the topic of creativity and these two books interest me greatly:


I’m only a few chapters into InGenius and have already enjoyed several “hmmm….” moments. So fascinating! I’ve heard Jonah Lehrer interviewed on several occasions and have been thoroughly intrigued each time; he presents a more scientific approach to understanding the creative process. Both writers firmly believe that creativity can be learned and each offers guidelines to getting there in their books. Perhaps future (kinder? gentler?!) Steve Jobs’ will be inspired.

Any “creative” writing inspiring you these days?

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