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March 27, 2012


The delightfully engaging Matchbook Magazine (on-line and a MUST read) reliably fills its pages with charm and wit and inspiration and essential conversation-fillers every month.  Fashion, decor, nostalgia, trivia, art and creativity, and entrepreneurism … if it existed in paper form it would be dog-eared, water warped, and have sueded pages from so much reading. There is often a List (see below) and always a May We Recommend feature with spot-on book, film and music suggestions. I read the issues on my laptop but I know there are many of you with fancy ipads and other E-readers who’d enjoy it in that format. As the calendar braces for a flip, get ready to savour an April issue soon I expect. Meanwhile, there is a healthy archive of past issues; I envy newcomers to Matchbook who can visit all those pages for the first time. Click on some of the back copies shown above or click here to get started:   Matchbook Magazine

The Matchbook Girls – those who are the creative genius behind its existence – are big readers so you’ll find plenty of bookish charm throughout:

Jane Lilly Warren and Katie Armour

And how wonderful is this list?! How many have you knocked off (Nabokov?!)?  (From the February 2012 edition – click to make larger) I adore that Heidi and Madame Bovary appear together. I’m finding myself assessing women characters in my reading as to whether they’d be considered a “Matchbook Girl” or not. Recently finished Rules of Civility by Amor Towles and believe Katey Kontent may just qualify.

Each month the issue begins with a description of The Matchbook Girl – this one from April 2011 is especially fun:

Matchbook Magazine feels like a Spring Day unto itself – hope you can make time to become acquainted as your Spring arrives.

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  1. Katie Armour Says:

    What a sweet post! Thank you so much, Susan. Reading it made my night. I hope you enjoy our April issue — it’s out next week! 🙂

    xoxo Katie

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