Reading Russian

February 19, 2012

Geographical trends seem to occur in books, don’t you find? For a while, there was a rash of “India” writing (A Suitable Boy,  A Fine Balance …) and then stories set in China or Hong Kong (Snowflower and the Secret Fan,  The Piano Teacher …) My former book club read a number of stories set in Africa until consensus had us move on – to the UK. Well, I’ve noted a recent trend to reading Russian. I read the classic Anna Karenina and Doctor Zhivago years ago but recently finished The True Memoirs of Little K and A Mountain of Crumbs – I enjoyed them all. Such an intriguing history and fascinating characters making their way through it. In only the past few months/weeks The Winter Palace, Catherine the Great, Enchantments, and The Little Russian have all been released. Each one looks appealing to me so it appears another literary trip to Russia could be in the works! (As usual, click on the image to be taken to a website with more information about the book.) Where have your books been taking you?

5 Responses to “Reading Russian”

  1. decorartuk Says:

    I’ve been traveling to England lately. At the moment I’m concentrating on Jerome K. Jerome. As for Russian authors – have you read anything by anton Chekhov?

    • Susan Says:

      Ok – True confessions … I’m entirely intimidated by Chekhov. Prolific as he was, I just don’t know where I’d start! Any recommendations?

  2. Jessica Says:

    Along the Russian theme, have you read Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay? Fantastic story set around the Bolshoi Ballet. I recommend it, even if you’re not interested in the ballet.

  3. dianajhale Says:

    Some books to follow up here as I’ve been having a Russian read lately too. I wasn’t too impressed with Snowdrops but enjoyed Molotov’s Magic Lantern. I’ve also discovered Andrei Makine who is recommended.

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