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January 12, 2012

There’s something about January that musters up a desire to be creative – have you found that? Specifically, I find that Journals catch my eye and the idea of keeping one appeals more than usual; I suppose that must be linked to the start of a new calendar year. I have never religiously kept a “Diary” type journal but do have a jumble of well-loved and scrawled upon notebooks – I always have one with me and fill it with random thoughts and observations. If I don’t write it down … whoosh! Gone for good.  There are so many beautiful notebooks available these days; the notebook itself can serve as inspiration. It also fascinates me to peek at the notebooks kept by artists. Take a look at these lovely books featuring the sketchbooks of various artists – you’ll be trotting out to pick up a palette of paints or a crisp box of Crayolas (deep sniff – yum!) and bursting forth with your own creativity in no time.

Take a video wander through the pages and hear about An Illustrated Life’s creation below:

Drawn In: A Peek Into the Inspiring Sketchbooks of 44 Fine Artists & Illustrators, Graphic Designers & Cartoonists presented by Julia Rothman. Click on the image to be taken to and an opportunity to look within.

And of course there are a few other artists who have their sketchbooks published for our enjoyment. Here are two classics:

The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden is out of print nowadays but you can keep an eye out in your local Used books store. Worth a search.


Sara Midda’s tiny watercolours are beautiful. South of France is my favourite but she has done several other books in similar style including In and Out of the Garden.

Feeling inspired yet? You could start by treating yourself to a whimsical notebook like these ones … (available at Chapters and beyond) Have fun!

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