My Afternoons with Margueritte

November 10, 2011

I’m not sure how this little gem of a movie managed to soar under my book-lovin’ radar but it did … until now. It appears to have been and gone in local theatres (if it “been” here at all) but I plan to persist in my search to find it. Fingers crossed that it’s still on its way to us. Do let us know if you’ve seen it or hear of its arrival. In the meantime, here are two trailers (I couldn’t decide which I liked best) for you to enjoy. It appears to be a literature lover’s dream movie. For those who read in French, the film is based on the novel by Marie-Sabine Roger called La Tete en Friche.

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  1. Susan Says:

    A quick update to share – The DVD is available at!ête-friche/dp/B00492CQTI/ref=pd_cp_b_1


  2. AL Says:

    Thanks for that my friend! This looks wonderful.
    Will have to order it!

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