October 14, 2011

The CBC television program, Dragon’s Den, is a runaway success. Viewers watch hopeful business innovators seek financial investment and expert guidance from a panel of extraordinarily successful Canadian business persons. These experts are willing to invest significant sums to give the aspiring entrepreneur an advantage on the road to success. Of course the panel members do so only when there is strong faith and proof that they will gain impressive returns. The business ideas are creative, witty, and practical with huge potential and with great risk for failure, while the entrepreneur wannabees range from confident to colourful with a healthy dose of crazy too. It is great viewing and has spawned what appears to be great reading as well.

The experts or “Dragons” have their own intriguing stories –  rags to riches with adventurous highs and lows along the way. Three of the Dragons have recently put their tales (not tails!) into written form. If you are familiar with the show you will know that each Dragon has his or her own strong and unique history and personality – the book titles and images clearly reflect this. (Click on book cover to be taken to website)


One Response to “Dragons!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I’ve been reading a fair number of biographies lateley. Kevin and Robert seem to lack compassion and, therefore, I’m not sure when their books might make it to the top of my reading list. However, we do love Dragon’s Den. I hope that Brett Wilson’s new show will flourish–he was my favourite dragon!

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