Airport Updates

August 11, 2011

I introduced you to a few literary connections to airports a while ago (here) and since then have heard of a few updates to share with you.

First of all, the Live @YVR contest has progressed and the 80 Day Writer in Residence has been selected. I, for one, am impressed with his  slick submission (see below) and look forward to tuning into his perspective – I have a feeling he is just the storyteller YVR had hoped for.  Remember to tune in to Live@YVR to follow his reports.

Meanwhile, back at Heathrow … their Writer in Residence program continues to flourish and like Alain de Botton, the newest incumbent will likely entertain and enlighten. Tony Parsons is a popular writer (often considered one of the first Lad-Litters) with whom many of you are no doubt familiar.One of his best-loved novels is Man and Boy published in 1999.

Here is a glimpse of Mr. Parson’s Heathrow endeavour:

Spying this trend in airport story archiving, the National Post newspaper followed up with a little speculation about which Canadian literary icons it felt would be best suited to which airports across the country.

Here is the link to the article and their suggestions.

Canadian Airport Writers-in Residence

And just to further impress upon you that Airport stories are the trend of the moment – tune into your television this fall to see PanAm – a new series featuring a fictional foray into the world of flight attendants and pilots at Pan Am airlines in the early 60’s. Soapy I’m sure and reminiscent of that classic 70’s titillater “Coffee, Tea or Me”!

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