The Necklace

January 23, 2011


A reader and a friend loaned me the book The Necklace last week and I’m most grateful for the experience. An entertaining read, this is a non-fiction account of a group of women and a diamond necklace. The first, of what grew to become thirteen women in the group, had admired a spectacular diamond necklace in her neighbourhood jewelry boutique. Spontaneously she tried it on and learned its price: $38,000.00. Well beyond her budget and yet … she was so inspired by the beauty of the piece that she began to consider how it could become part of her life. (This isn’t a heist tale!)  Creatively she thought, “what if I gathered a group and we each purchased an equal share in the necklace and took turns wearing it and being its custodian?” And there begins the tale that was featured in People magazine, covered by Katie Couric and eventually became this book.  The story is as much about the inner workings of a group of  “fifty-something” women as they set goals and guidelines and grapple with differing opinions and strong personalities as it is about the necklace. Quickly given a name of its own, the necklace becomes the tie that binds the group and leads to the women’s personal growth and involvement in a number of philanthropic causes and adventures. Each chapter focuses on a single member of the group, gives her personal history and explains how she became a participant in the necklace “experiment”.  It’s a diverse group and there will be at least one who will remind you of yourself or someone you know well. A quick read but a fun one that will get you thinking. If read with a group of your own gal pals it will surely prompt animated conversation … and possibly even a shopping excursion!

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  1. KPotts Says:

    Sounds like a book right up my alley – sparkle, sparkle!!

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