Can’t do this with a Kindle!

January 16, 2011


I’ve noticed a trend in decor lately and it’s related to books. I’ve mentioned already how lovely I think it is when a home proudly displays its read and to-be-read volumes in a place of importance among the rest of a family’s artefacts. As impressive as this trend of shelving books according to colour may be it strikes me that it might take up some valuable reading hours to create the effect.  I personally shelve mostly according to the school of willy-nilly. I do keep my already-reads separate from the yet-to-be-enjoyed . . . my book club choices have a shelf (ok make that shelves) of their own but beyond that there is no evidence of any strategy whatsoever and Dewey clearly remains unacknowledged. How do you shelve? Are you tempted to sort by colour and let rainbows emerge from the spines of your library?  I know a few of you at least are a Kindle, Kobo or iPad happier after the holiday … can you stock your shelves as colourfully? Do send photos if you are already embracing the trend!

5 Responses to “Can’t do this with a Kindle!”

  1. KPotts Says:

    Well – I certainly shelve with no pattern but that may have to change given how cool those rooms look! Another great post … keep ’em coming!

  2. marnie Says:

    I want the blue, yellow and white room!!!!

  3. thinky Says:

    For me it’s just… stupid. I mean shelving books according to cover colours (or acc to their height – some people do that). No matter how pretty it looks. Books aren’t just for decoration! Mine are put acc to topics/themes or author (esp if it’s a series) and I think that makes sense.

  4. Sue Anne Says:

    Remember how we used to make covers for school textbooks? That’s what these remind me of! I am a traditionalist, my books are shelved by context or meaning to me: most loved, yet-to-be-read, have read and can pass on to others, etc.

  5. Van City Gal Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I think it represents an ideal, not something we should try to live up to, but – it has inspired me to smarten up my book shelves which are a sorry state of backwards, sideways piles with two little chickens in the mix too!

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