Four Fun Books for Gifting

December 8, 2010

A few unique books that I’m sure you’ll enjoy gifting or reading yourself… Feel free to send along titles or gifts you’ve loved giving or receiving as well.

   For the Book Clubbers in your world. This is a visual treat and veritable smorgasboard of delightful distractions: travels, books, hosting tips, recipes and an overall celebration of friendship. Offers a glimpse into the fun had by a group of Canadian book clubbers who took their love for reading and enjoying a good book together to new heights through travel and adventures together beyond their monthly meeting. In these pages they include reading recommendations and instructions for creating a book club in the style of their own. Click on the image to be taken to the authors’ website and view a few of the gorgeous pages within.

              I posted earlier about the Kate Spade group and their enthusiasm for words and books ( Whimsical Words by Design ) They’ve stepped up their quirky literary enthusiasm with a wonderful new project in collaboration with the famous New York City bookstore The Strand. A group of seven women writers were assigned the task of writing a short story in which the phrase “She is quick and curious and playful and strong” must appear. The results are apparently “charming” as is the packaging of course.  Click on the images to read excerpts and learn more about each writer.

         Perhaps you share my perfectionist angst that surfaces every time I come to start a fresh first page in a journal or notebook. Who is comfortable with scarring those initial pristine pages?  Keri Smith has recognised this dilemma and gives us permission to creatively “Wreck this Journal”. She even includes inspiring instructions on how to really do a number on the journal, having great fun expressing your personal creativity as you do.   Visit her website by clicking on cover and review the gallery to see how different users have interpreted her instructions.  A whimsical idea which results in a unique work of art.    

                                                                  Another enchanting find and on my all time favourite list. My boys have a rather worn out copy of Jamie Lee Curtis’ hilarious review of one’s many moods and we used to guffaw together at the hilarious illustrations by Laura Cornell. The story is told in rhyme and while it is very cute it also has a dose of poignancy in it.  This little volume should not be restricted to the children in your life – it’s scrumptious and will amuse all. A glimpse inside is just a click away!

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