Holiday Gifts for Readers

December 1, 2010

It seems sites all over the web have been dedicating themselves of late to helping shoppers find the perfect holiday gifts. Not to be outdone I thought I’d share a little array of bookish items that have popped up in my travels. Even if you’re fed up with shopping I hope you’ll find the fun in some of these. Simply click on the photo of the item to be taken to the website for more information.

  Anything by Curly Girl. Her wordsmithing is as perky as the images she designs – so many fun ones she’s worthy of a post all to herself.  I love her greeting cards too. This little wall hanging would go well above a bedside table. Could be accompanied by a tiara and cape … make that a nice tiara.

      A bedside table must. A little house to light your way through your bedtime reading (would that be a lighthouse?) and a storage spot for your book too. Book not included though light bulb is. (Fire extinguisher optional?)          More collected words to be read and enjoyed on the wall rather than bound in a book. This is simply delightful!

     Charm bracelets are very popular and this version is specifically for the bookish. Charming!         Penguin UK has collected its bookcovers into a selection of postcards. Puffin titles are available too in a separate selection.    Is there ever a season that Tiffany doesn’t have a creation to crave? The “notes” series will be noticed by literary types.            A literary quote of Louisa’s that I love.  Turning one’s brain is a good thing, right?            I know at least one of you will find this message hitting close to home!  Tis the season for flannel jammies and a good book … and what do you expect? It gets dark at 4 o’clock!                I saw these at Chapters but haven’t sniffed them yet.  Apparently Jane Austen evokes gardenia, tuberose and jasmine while Charles Dickens is tangerine, juniper and clove. Whitman?  Grass, thyme and clover. Each is labeled with a quote from the author. Jane’s is: “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” Perhaps she would have liked the poster above!

  The “Keep My Arms Warm When I Read in Bed Thing” will be a sure-fire hit when it eventually makes it into production. Essentially socks to protect those bare arms braving the elements beyond the flannel pyjama cuffs. Someone always finds a solution!

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