Books of our Youth

November 6, 2010

I was out shopping this week for my very special niece’s birthday.  Predictable, I know, but I ended up in the bookstore. I have so many great memories of books I read in my youth that I savour still and was inspired to share some with her as she’s been a good little reader from an early age.  A quick survey with some friends today revealed that I’m not the only one with precious memories of books we read long ago – what a fun conversation we had! My shopping excursion ended up with a classic favourite (Heidi) and I resisted (strongly) the popular, modern books covered in bubblegum pink with generous sprays of metallic stars. Perhaps the flashy new stories would be more appealing these days but I’m an old school Auntie and trust the stories that captivated us all those years ago will resonate just as strongly today. What are your thoughts? Are there any new books you think will stand the test of time?  Feel free to share your nostalgic favourites too!

My all time favourites from the day:


2 Responses to “Books of our Youth”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Clearly we were separated at birth but let me add to it….the Mallory Towers series (I just looked and they have horrifying new covers – hope that is all?)….. Swallows and Amazons and Swiss Family Robinson!
    (I’m understandably refusing to include my apparent obsession with the Bobbsey twins as I was suitably horrified when I had to crack the cover in a children’s lit class when I had long moved on to the hardy boys… grin))
    Malory Towers

    Swallows and Amazons

  2. Susan Says:

    Ahhhh yes … I overlooked the Bobbseys! Here’s a cover shot of their first tale too. (I’m heading for therapy as found the link on an “antique” book site.)

    The Bobbsey Twins

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