Where and how do you read?

September 21, 2010

 If I could just paint myself into the image above I’d be pretty darn delighted. What a perfect spot to read!  I’ve heard a few conversations lately about where and when we read. I, for one, always have a book with me so that if I’m caught waiting somewhere in my day’s travels I can sneak in a few bonus pages; I frankly panic if I’m without something to read or write upon. Any handbag I ever own must accommodate a trade paperback and a notebook – it’s simply a rule. In reality most of my pages are read in bed before going to sleep. There was a time when my beloved fussed about the bedside lamp shining and over the years we’ve explored a variety of mutually acceptable solutions to this “problem” (as he perceives it).  One year I was perplexed to discover a head lamp in my Christmas stocking. He interrupted my horrified thoughts of cave exploration with “For reading at night of course!” My head-bobbing battles to stay awake “to just the end of this chapter…” are now accompanied by a dramatic light show. I’m determined that the best solution is to have him become a bedtime reader too. I have met with some success recently thanks to Stieg Larsson. The blog at Abe Books posted a piece about Reading in Bed and a lively discussion arose about the variety of positions. Do you lean back surrounded with pillows? Lie face down, propped up on elbows?  Or are you a side-reader? This also applies to beach reading in my mind – I’m perpetually singed on the front because I find it uncomfortable to flip and read lying face down. As much as I savour my bedtime reading I most enjoy cuddling up in a cosy armchair with a blanket and a mug of something. Early on a weekend morning before everyone else rises is even better … if I haven’t stayed up reading too late the night before!

Where and how do you read?

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