Spring is a New Beginning! Joan Walsh Anglund

March 27, 2010

Does this look familiar to any of you? Any pangs of nostalgia? This treasure, “Spring is a New Beginning” was written and illustrated by Joan Walsh Anglund and is one of more than 75 books she has written beginning in 1958 with “A Friend is Someone Who Likes You”.  Other favourites include “What Color is Love?” and “Love Is A Special Way of Feeling”. She is also known for her series featuring “The Brave Cowboy”. The phrases in each of these are simple, charming and focused on important messages like  “A friend is someone who likes you. It can be a boy … it can be a girl … or a cat … or a dog … or even a white mouse. A tree can be a different kind of friend. It doesn’t talk to you, but you know it likes you, because it gives you apples … or pears …. or cherries … or, sometimes, a place to swing.”  (from  A Friend is Someone Who Likes You)     


Joan Walsh Anglund has a devoted following (more than 40,000,000 of her books have been sold!)  Learn more about her and about the story behind her stories by clicking here.


 What are some of your first book memories?


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