A Book and Its Cover

March 17, 2010

Never judge a book and all that … but I admit I do! Don’t you too?  Some wonderful book covers have caught my eye lately and yes, I may have even added a few of them to the Bedside Table collection – for art’s sake of course!  (Had “art” capitalized but then thought you might wonder who Art was!)  Click on your favourite covers to learn more about the books. I’m sure you’ll be tempted to read them! Share your favourite book covers with the rest of us … (I’ll upload the photo if you want to just send the titles)

I love these:


and this one:         

And here is the story behind its cover!

6 Responses to “A Book and Its Cover”

  1. Sue Anne Says:

    Love the video about the wing chair adventure! I also love her writing corner — with coffee mug perched precariously on the said wing 🙂 Something I would do, but would live to regret (and so would said wing)!

  2. Susan Says:

    I was worried about the coffee cup too! Especially considering the dear lady had already collided with a mailbox and upended her telephone …

  3. KPotts Says:

    I just finished Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and LOVED it (and the pretty cover!). A wonderful “forbidden love” story told through the historical events of the internment camps during WWII. Great poolside (or bedside) reading!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Custodian of Paradise CoverI’ll admit it could be because I love the book or the author (Wayne Johnson) or his character Sheilagh Fielding; however, I’m a big fan of the cover of The Custodian of Paradise. Presumably the cover doesn’t cover the spine of the book? or perhaps it does? but that is one of the best parts of the jacket too. I love how it seems to peek out between the other books on the bookcase -like it’s saying and possibly bragging “remember how much you enjoyed my story…?”

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